The Yamaha Champions Riding School is announcing the opening of ChampU.  According to a press release, ChampU offers a complete video curriculum based on its two-day ChampSchool.


The core curriculum contains more than 40 videos, 30+ drills, and 43 quizzes.  ChampU says that their content serves as a video textbook to “…change your riding life as a new rider, track day rider, or serious racer.”

Instructor Nick Ienatsch said:

“We believe the sport of motorcycling is suffering because a lack of quality rider education.”  New riders are being sent out on the roads unprepared to confidently and completely control the motorcycle. This lack of education is so prevalent that it has created a seemingly endless stream of myths and half-truths even among experienced riders. Uneducated or miseducated riders are falling down, having a bad time, and quitting the sport. This is a serious problem.”

The cost of ChampU’s online core curriculum is presently $49.95.  However, its price will increase to $99.95 after the introductory offer.


Yamaha rider training is not new.  It has been around since 2008 to:

“…teach riders the skills, mindsets, and techniques of the best riders in the world.  A curriculum was designed around these “Champions Habits” and they are scalable to any level of riding experience and riding goals. Over the last thirteen years the school has enjoyed incredible success teaching thousands of riders.


As for the Yamaha Champions on bike riding school, ChampSchool, Yamaha is upfront about its cost.  It’s not cheap.  They say that hiring world-class instructors, maintaining a fleet of top-level motorcycles, renting suitable facilities, and moving all of it around the country is expensive.

A ChampSchool one-day course is $1,195, while the two-day training is $2,195.


All image credits: Yamaha ChampSchool

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