You may or may not know that Yamaha offers motorcycle rider training classes around the world.  The triple tuning fork company currently offers training classes in Taiwan, Brazil, Japan, Thailand, India, and Pakistan.

Yamaha Riding Academy

Under the Yamaha Riding Academy (YRA) auspices, Yamaha offers training to new and experienced riders.  It also offers “train the trainers” instruction certifying individuals to become trainers and instructors.

Yamaha Trainers visit affiliates around the world and conduct training to certify trainers and instructors.  Trainers are located at Yamaha affiliates around the world, and they train and are authorized to certify instructors.

New YRFS system

And now, Yamaha is upgrading its training with the Yamaha Riding Feedback System (YRFS).  Their new YRFS system provides participating riders with visual results of their performance.


Yamaha says that YRFS provides its students with a handout showing motorcycle acceleration, deceleration, and cornering dynamics, as well as photos of the rider on the range.

GPS and photos

YRFS uses a GPS logger device.  It acquires vehicle position data and speed measurements as the rider moves about the course.  The GPS device then converts the acceleration, deceleration, and cornering values during the ride into visual form.  The rider’s body positioning while cornering is also captured.

Once the lesson is over, the rider receives the GPS data and the photos on a feedback sheet.  This gives the student a visual idea of their performance over the course of the lesson.  They can then better understand their performance and the areas that require further attention.

Motorcycle research

Yamaha says that the process of exploring new fields under their “exclusive development ideal of Jin-Ki Kanno (the seductive exhilaration felt when one with the machine)” is the result of extensive research into human operation and vehicle dynamics.  YRFS’s development comes from the knowledge and technologies gained through this research.

According to Yamaha, the “system package” is simple and can be used with any motorcycle model.  Yamaha is kicking off its use in Japan and will gradually bring YRFS to Thailand, China, and other instruction sites “overseas.”






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