Electric motorcycles are coming.  Get over it, they are not only coming; they are here.  And now, another of the “big 4” Japanese motorcycle companies seem to have entered the fray.

If the pile of patent applications is anything to judge by, Yamaha is serious about electric motorcycles.   They recently filed several applications centering on, of all things, the bike’s charging port.

Charging port locations

Back in 2015, Yamaha rolled out a couple of “experimental” electric motorcycles at the Tokyo Motor Show.  The two bikes were called the PES and the PED.  The PES was the more robust of the two designs.

So it’s not too unusual to see one of Yamaha’s patent diagrams showing the PES with an electric port situated at the top of the traditional fuel tank area.  This is the same location for Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire and Zero’s Chargetank.

One design shows the charge port in the center of the traditional fuel tank but offsets to the right.

But Yamaha has taken the placement of the charge port one step further.  They moved the port to the right side of the traditional fuel tank.  That placement keeps the charging cable centered over the bike while it is leaning on the side stand.  That could be to provide additional stability to help prevent a tip over if someone were to walk by and mistakenly come into contact with the charging cable.


But Yamaha didn’t stop there.  In a different design drawing, Yamaha shows an MT-07 like motorcycle with the charging port located under a flip-up pillion seat.

The MT-07 looking bike with the charge port under a flip-up pillion seat.


In yet another drawing, Yamaha shows an R-1 looking motorcycle with the charging port located behind the headlight.

This diagram shows an R-1 like nacelle with the charging port behind the headlight location.

So while some, none or all of these designs could appear in the future, it’s a sure sign that Yamaha is paying attention to electric motorcycles.

The electric motorcycle market isn’t just heating up, it’s powering up.

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