If you thought the motorcycle industry’s supply chain issues were over, think again. For the second season in a row, bike OEMs are behind on production. Things have gotten so bad that Yamaha Europe has issued an apology video, blaming not just the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, but also the Suez Canal blockage.

Back in 2020, we saw most motorcycle manufacturing shut down for weeks or even months, as COVID-19 spread around the globe. When they re-opened, many plants were working at reduced capacity, with delivery issues compounding the problem. Dealers everywhere were sold out of motorcycles (at least, all the moderately-priced models) and ATVs. Riders waited longer for parts orders. As the industry made a miraculous mid-season turnaround, things went wonky as supply chain problems popped up everywhere.

For 2021, the supply chain woes were one of the main questions. Would the industry be able to sort things out? For some manufacturers, at least, there are still plenty of issues. Currently, Yamaha Europe (a major subsidiary of the Japanese brand) is in tough shape, and actually released a video explaining its problems. See below:

The TL/DR is, some components that Yamaha uses in its production were delayed in the Suez Canal backlog a few weeks back. Add in other delays in production due to COVID-19, and Yamaha’s behind in its business.

Yamaha’s reaching out to its customers here via YouTube, but it’s hardly the only company in this situation. Reportedly, Ducati parts were also caught up in the Suez problem, and no doubt there were others we haven’t heard about.

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