We recently told you about Yamaha’s new YZF R7 powered by the company’s MT-07 689cc parallel-twin engine.   Well, now it seems that Yamaha may be preparing to bring out a wide range of YZF machines.  The folks over at Motorcycle.com discovered a host of new Japanese trademark applications.  And they cover a wide range of “YZF” and “R” model machines from R1 through R25.

Now a trademark application does not necessarily mean that the company will produce a product with that name.  They are simply notifications that the company intends to use that mark sometime in the future.

YZF trademark

Image credit: Motorcycle.com

Having the trademarks doesn’t mean that Yamaha can hold onto them forever.  Many countries, including Japan, have rules that require the mark registrant to use it within a few years.  And, in Japan, the mark may be canceled if it is not used for three consecutive years.

So whether Yamaha actually intends to produce all the trademark application names seems unlikely.  However, it is clear that the triple tuning fork company has an intent to utilize at least some of the marks in the future.

Perhaps the biggest question is whether Yamaha intends to produce a line of “high-performance” focused sportbikes, or whether they will produce a more moderate but still sporty bike at a lower price, like the new R7.

With inline-four sportbikes sales at some of their lowest levels in a long time, perhaps Yamaha is preparing to be sporty, but at a lower cost to cater to a more budget-minded customer.

Time will tell.

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