Multiple outlets are saying that Yamaha is working on a lineup of turbocharged engines.   While no hard data has emerged, the outlets are providing bits and pieces of information that indicate that Yamaha is moving forward with turbocharged engines.

Multiple Outlets

Motorcycle News says that Yamaha filed a patent for a turbocharged machine three years ago.  Without providing much detail, they go on to say that Yamaha filed a turbo patent application for a wastegate design turbo placed near the exhaust (not inside it).  Lastly, they say that a turbocharger may make its way on to a new model later this year.

The outlet Autoblog says that Yamaha’s turbocharging idea is likely based on Europe’s more stringent Euro 5 regulations.  They go on to say that “Yamaha is developing a whole range of turbocharged motorcycle engines”.  However, they do not indicate which engine(s) the turbo will be fitted to.

turbocharged engine

Yamaha’s turbo patent application shows a naked style bike.

Ride Apart provides a link to Yamaha’s turbo patent application and adds that the application intends to optimize the position of the turbo’s actuator to increase the degree of  “freedom in layout of the catalyst.”  That does seem to indicate that Yamaha’s turbo interest is based on emission requirements.

Even with the above data, it’s not clear that Yamaha is close to completing a new turbocharged machine.  Never mind a lineup of turbocharged engines.  However, it does make sense that manufacturers are looking at ways to reduce emissions.  And, that turbocharging may be one way to stay within the stricter Euro 5 and beyond emission regulations.

Wait and see

It’s been three years since Yamaha’s initial patent application.  That means that Yamaha has had some time to develop its turbo technology.  But there’s no smoking gun here.  We are going to have to wait to see whether a turbocharger will make its way onto Yamaha’s engines in the near future.



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