Yamaha T7 Tenere…Did They Subconsciously Just Tell Us Who it’s for? Probably not!

If you’ve watched the teaser ads is it directed at a certain age group/ riding group/ style of rider/ size of rider…did they make it for you?

Is it an adventure bike, dual sport bike, what do you think?

Is it going to be the same as the concept…probably not even close? (lead photo)

Did Yamaha ruin massive potential sales by dragging the World Raid on for over two years…or will it produce a better motorcycle?

Initially, it could have a been a motorcycling version of Top Gears ‘Stig’ was the only person who it was built for…

Then there was some conversation and excitement building

World Raid Stage one, Australia…does this video sell you?

World Raid Stage 2 – How about a little riding in Morocco?

World Raid Stage 3 – How about some South American riding…

World Raid Stage 4 – Europe

Where else should they have taken it to ride?

Should the Raids have been longer?

Would you have preferred no-name riders doing the Raids and honest opinions afterward, not Yahama ambassadors?

So the big questions that are stirring up the internet –

Will it live up to the hype?

Will it come to America?

Will the price be realistic?

What will the weight be?

Who of your friends will be the first to buy?

Yamaha TENERE 700 Thread in the bikes section of the ADVrider forum is the most viewed thread of a bike that no one actually owns with over 600,000 views, click the link to read the 300 pages or discuss it here

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