According to the Italian magazine Motoclismo, Yamaha may consider building a 300cc version of the Ténéré 700.   The magazine was testing Yamaha’s new MT-03 and had the opportunity to discuss Yamaha’s smaller bikes with Yamaha Italy’s Communications Manager Fabrizio Corsi.

During the discussion, the talk turned to whether the 300cc engine currently in Yamaha’s bike lineup could find its way into an adventure or “heritage” type bike.  And, the representative’s response is quite interesting.

The magazine asked Corsi if he thought that there could be a smaller Ténéré using the MT-03’s 300cc engine.  Corsi’s response could raise a few eyebrows from other moto manufacturers (translated from Italian):

“It is difficult to talk about future models.  Yamaha presented the 700, it already had the 1200 in its range.  It is clear that we are attentive to what the market will ask.  Recently, products like those from BMW and KTM have arrived that have attracted attention in this segment.  It is obvious that if there is a demand from our customers we will be ready for it.”  – Fabrizio Corsi to Motoclismo

If I get what Corsi is saying, he believes that market demand for a bike smaller than the Super Ténéré 1200 drove the creation of the Ténéré 700.  And now that the Ténéré 700 is on the market, if demand is high enough, Yamaha will build the Ténéré 300.  Interesting.

Yamaha MT-03

Could the engine from Yamaha’s MT-03 appear in a Yamaha small-displacement adventure bike?

Competitors of the Ténéré 300?

When asked about Yamaha’s main competitor in small-displacement motorcycles, Corsi said that almost all brands are in these market segments.

“Almost all brands are now present in these segments.  KTM with the Duke was the first to open the naked 125 market, but slowly, everyone is arriving.  The same goes for the 300, where certain manufacturers have ventured into small displacements for the first time ever.  Basically, there is not just one reference competitor, but we deal with everyone.” – Fabrizio Corsi to Motoclismo

Corsi’s statements would seem to indicate that Yamaha is closely eyeing the small displacement market.  And, it appears that the triple tuning fork company is keeping an eye on the competition.  With KTM and BMW already having a small displacement “adventure bike,” will Yamaha be willing to wait in the shadows much longer?  Especially since they already seem to have a 300cc lump that they could put into an “adventure” machine.

If Yamaha can quickly jump into the small-displacement ADV market, they could get a jump on the other Japanese manufacturers.  The question is whether they will make the move.

Do you think Yamaha will be willing to invest in a small displacement adventure bike?  Should they invest in building it, would you consider buying a Ténéré 300? Let us know in the comments below.






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