Yamaha’s latest sport bike liveries celebrate the 60th anniversary of its first-ever entry into world-level Grand Prix racing.  They are celebrating by introducing three new “Special Edition” models for 2022.  These bikes and their new liveries arrive on some of Yamaha’s sportbikes, namely the new YZF-R3 World GP 60th Anniversary Edition, YZF-R7 World GP 60th Anniversary Edition, and YZF-R1 World GP 60th Anniversary Edition.

60th anniversary

Yamaha’s 60th Grand Prix Anniversary Supersport Models

Yamaha says that the new models are inspired by their decision to compete in its first World GP race.  It was in 1961 that Yamaha chose to enter the Grand Prix of France.

Each of the special edition machines is based on:

“…the iconic 60th Anniversary Yamaha white and red chain block livery recently unveiled on the factory YZR-M1 race bikes at this year’s Official MotoGP™ Test in Qatar, these striking machines pay tribute to Yamaha’s passion for racing and winning at the highest levels of motorsport.”

Yamaha’s Motorcycle Product Line Manager said:

“Racing has always been in Yamaha’s DNA, as well as a cornerstone of motorcycle development. Nowhere is this fact more evident than with our R-series bikes, which have benefited from years of Grand Prix racing.  Technology and designs have trickled down to our production Superbike and Supersport machines, making them dominant forces in MotoAmerica racing for so many years.”

“That’s why we’re thrilled to give Yamaha enthusiasts the opportunity to own this piece of Yamaha racing history. These distinctive World GP 60th Anniversary editions are amazing to see in person with the instantly recognizable classic white and red Yamaha Racing livery and a range of other special detailing.”

Special livery

Identifying the new Yamaha Special Edition machines is their World GP 60th Anniversary white and red block color scheme.  The bikes also sport gold wheels and gold forks, Gold Tuning Fork emblems, black levers, and special commemorative badging.  Of course, since these bikes are “special edition” models, they come with premium prices.

The 2022 YZF-R1 60th Grand Prix Anniversary motorcycle.

The new 2022 Special Edition machines should start arriving at dealers in late 2021 and early 2022.  Below are the projected arrival dates and MSRPs:

  • YZF-R3 World GP 60th Anniversary Edition will be available from dealers this February for $5,499 MSRP;
  • YZF-R7 World GP 60th Anniversary Edition will be available from dealers this January for $9,299 MSRP;
  • YZF-R1 World GP 60th Anniversary Edition will be available from dealers this November for $18,099 MSRP.

Note that the arrival dates for each bike are different.  So it’s best to check with your dealer to find out when they expect the special edition bikes to be in stock.

2022 Yamaha sportbike lineup

If you don’t want/need a 60th Anniversary Yamaha special edition bike, the regular 2022 model machines will also arrive in showrooms soon.

Other than the special edition models, most of Yamaha’s sportbike lineup returns for 2022 essentially unchanged.  But new for 2022, both the YZF-R3 and YZF-R1 now feature an updated Team Yamaha Blue color option with graphic detailing and accents more closely aligned with the distinctive styling of the 2022 Yamaha YZF-R7, including matte blue and cyan blue accents throughout. For riders looking for a darker option, the YZF-R3 also comes in Midnight Black, and the YZF-R1 is available in Performance Black.

Also, returning to the Yamaha Supersport lineup for 2022 is the pinnacle of Yamaha Superbikes. It’s the triple tuning fork company’s high-tech, rare, Yamaha R1M.  It now features a new color design, further accentuating the full carbon fiber front fairing and aluminum fuel tank—with just a touch more blue added to the side fairing.

2022 YZF-R1M

Yamaha’s pinnacle superbike, the YZF-R1M.

This December, the 2022 YZF-R3 will be available from dealers in Team Yamaha Blue or Midnight Black for an MSRP of $5,299. Likewise, this November, the 2022 YZF-R1 will be available from dealers in Team Yamaha Blue or Performance Black for an MSRP of $17,599.  Finally, this January, the 2022 YZF-R1M will be available from dealers with an MSRP of $26,299.

Limited production “track only” YZF-R6 GYTR

The last machine to make Yamaha’s 2022 sportbike lineup is the 2022 Yamaha YZF-R6 GYTR.  It is the track-only version of the well-received YZF-R6 street bike, which was used heavily in amateur and professional racing.  Unfortunately, stricter emissions regulations for the street bike forced its retirement from on-road use.  Nonetheless, Yamaha continues its commitment to supersport racing with this machine.

The 2022 Yamaha YZF-R6 GYTR track-only supersport machine.

These race-spec machines feature full race bodywork in primer white, GYTR YZF-R6 Race Seat, GYTR ECU and wiring harness with interface cable, full Akrapovič exhaust, a 520 chain and sprocket kit, racing rear sets, AIS plug set, billet front brake lever guard, shark fin rear sprocket guard, GYTR ABS emulator, GYTR racing fuel cap, GYTR on/off switch, and GYTR brake line set, among other specialty parts.

Ultimately, the new 2022 Yamaha YZF-R6 GYTR is a fully kitted-out competition bike designed to continue the Yamaha R6’s on-track presence.  If you want a 2022 Yamaha YZF-R6 GYTR, it will be available from dealers this April with an $18,399 MSRP. Unfortunately, the track-only machines will have limited production quantities.  So if you want one, you should contact your local Yamaha dealer to place an order soon.


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