Yamaha continues its exploration of the weird, unveiling the Tricity 300 leaning three-wheeler at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Yamaha has been building leaning scooters for a while, and currently has the Tricity 125 and Tricity 150 in the lineup. Of course, the leaning three-wheeled Niken and Niken GT grabbed a lot of attention when they hit the market recently, offering a much more hairy-chested experience, thanks to the powerplant lifted from the MT-09 naked bike.

The Tricity 300 won’t be that fast and thrilling, but it should have quite a bit more jam than the 125 cc and 150 cc versions. It uses the BLUE CORE engine, a 300 cc liquid-cooled four-stroke single cylinder, with four-valve head. Yamaha already uses this engine in the XMAX 300 maxi-scooter, so it’s a proven platform. It makes almost 28 hp, and 21 lb-ft of torque.

The front end design on the 300 is supposed to be very similar to the existing Tricity scooters. Yamaha didn’t release many technical details on the machine though, at least not for the English market (the Tokyo Motor Show is obviously Japan-centric, and a lot of the interesting material out of there tends to literally be lost in translation). So, we don’t know much about the rest of the spec sheet.

We do know that Yamaha intends to slot this in as its premium leaning three-wheeler scooter, and in some markets, it doesn’t even require a motorcycle permit; a car driver’s licence is all that’s required.

Would it come to North America? Hard to say—the maxi-scooter market has basically died here in the past few years, but the Tricity 300 might just be different enough to carve out its own new market niche.

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