Ducati and KTM already have them.  Kawasaki confirms that it is working on a system for 2022.  But two of the biggest Japanese motorcycle manufacturers haven’t said much about their plans for radar-based safety systems.

But now it appears that Yamaha is working on a radar and sensor-based safety system.  The news comes from a patent application that the triple tuning fork company has filed with the Japanese Patent Office.  Patent documents uncovered by Cycle World show what Yamaha’s system could look like and how it may vary from other manufacturers’ efforts.

And while radar-based devices are making their way into production motorcycles, some ask whether they increase safety or increase danger.  With big full-color TFT screens displaying so much information, some ask how much information is too much?

Radar safety

The outer edge of the mirror will provide alerts, while the reflective portion of the mirror will display icons with hazard information.

LED strips

Yamaha’s approach will utilize lighted strips on the edge of the mirrors and icons in the reflective portion of the bike’s rearview mirrors.  The strips can be lit in numerous ways with increasing intensity LEDs and different colors depending on the level of risk and urgency.


The icons, however, will display in the reflective portion of the mirror. Thus, they will work similarly to some auto manufacturers’ blind spot information systems.  However, the Yamaha system will use multiple icons.

icons Radar safety

Some of the icons that may appear in Yamaha’s safety system.

The icons will relay real-world situations. For example, they will indicate intersection traffic, lane changes, rear collision warnings, an ambulance approaching, speed limit warning, weather, and even assist with lane merges.

So what do you think about Yamaha’s safety systems?  Will they add to safety, increase distraction or provide some of both?  Let us know what you think in the comments below.



Image credit: Japanese Patent Office via Cycle World and VisorDown.

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