Yup.  You saw that right, Chap Gap.  What is a Chap Gap?  It’s a product probably not for many of us, but maybe for some of us.  To find out what a Chap Gap is, keep reading.

Probably not be for many of us, but maybe for some of us

I don’t wear chaps, nor do I want to wear them.  And, probably the rest of the people that know me don’t want to see me wearing them.

To me, chaps make little sense.  Leather can be horrible when it comes to riding in extremes of weather.  I’m likely not breaking news to most of you, but in hot temperatures, leather doesn’t breathe and can quickly become quite sweaty.  In cold temperatures, it can provide some warmth, but when it gets really cold, it can become stiff, cold itself, and uncomfortable.  Finally, in the rain, leather can absorb water, dry slowly, and can quickly become slimy and smelly.

Chap Gap

An assortment of Chap Gaps.

As far as ATGATT protection goes, I’ll take a pass as well.  If you are lucky enough to lowside, what part of you is likely sliding along the pavement?  Yup, that part.  And does that part have any leather covering?  Umm, you know the answer.

One thing I know is that a motorcycle is not a horse.  And motorcycle riders that wear chaps are not likely to be wearing them while riding through the brambles and pucker brush.  So I don’t get why they are such an attraction to some motorcyclists.

Chaps liked by certain riders

But some riders do like chaps, and of those that do, many love them.  To those riders, chaps are indeed a desired accessory.  So when I came across a formal press release for a chap accessory, I decided to check it out.

Enter the Chap Gap.  According to the inventor, the idea came upon him during a chilly September ride in a Colorado mountain pass.  Chap Gap’s website says:

“…I suddenly realized something about my chaps. I love to wear them, they are insulated and keep my legs warm, but there is one part that is not warm or covered—the “gap” between my legs.”

The birth of Chap Gap

And so, because of a chilly crotch, Chap Gaps are born.  But what exactly is Chap Gap?  It’s a flap of material that covers your crotch area.  According to the website, Chap Gaps are made from black embossed leather or cowhide on the front, with polar fleece on the back.  It’s attached by using two metal belt clips secured by rivets to “make it easier to slide over the chap belt.  A pull loop on the right side allows easy removal.

The website says that Chap Gaps are available for both men and women.  But given that the versions for men and women look quite similar, I wonder how many women will want to take advantage of the Chap Gap.  You see, the Chap Gap has this certain, how shall we say it, a decidedly male anatomical look.

Chap Gap

The Chap Gap has a decidedly male look to it.

And If you have a logo or club name that’s dear to you, Chap Gap will print it on the front of the accessory so you can show your pride in whatever is precious to you.  I can just imagine what Chap Gap may get for requests.

All that said if you are a fan of chaps, and you think your “gap” gets chilly and needs some protection from the elements, there’s a Chap Gap just waiting for you in the Colorado mountains.  As said previously, the product is handmade and made out of leather and polar fleece in the USA.  Hand made products are few and far between nowadays, and at $40 each, that’s pretty cheap.

Still, I have to wonder whether this accessory will actually do as it says.  When you look at one of the pictures from Chap Gap’s website, an apparent happy customer is seen showing off his brown cowhide Chap Gap at the front of his chaps.  And, unfortunately for this man’s gap, the Chap Gap doesn’t seem to be covering all of his nether regions.  If this is the case, the Chap Gap will not likely keep that hombre’s gap from getting chapped (if it gets wet).  Nor will it keep his willy from being chilly.

Chap Gap

It’s not clear whether if this Chap Gap is big enough to cover this chap’s gap.

And I haven’t (and won’t) test the Chap Gap to test its effectiveness.  But for some folks, this chap accessory might be just the thing they are looking for.  It’s just not for me.

Frankly, I  hope this story and Chap Gaps go viral, and the gent that makes them becomes a multi-millionaire.  He’s thinking outside of the box (a somewhat strangely shaped box I would suggest), but he is a person with a dream that brought it to fruition, and it’s always nice to see someone’s dream come true.  Carry on, sir!

You can contact Chap Gap with questions or comments via the “Contact Us” section on their website.


All photos credit: Chap Gap

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