ADVrider’s fearless leader and founder Baldy, aka. Chris MacAskill, recently gave a talk at the TEDxBeaconStreet conference. His talk is not about ADVrider or about motorcycles but I wanted to share it with anyone who missed the thread discussing it on the forum. Chris talks about his childhood, education, family and early career working for Steve Jobs. It is an inspiring talk that, at times, is heart-wrenching and celebrates the things that make each of us different.  I highly recommend watching it.

Chris wrote on the forum

TEDx invited me to speak but they didn’t give me a topic. Wtf? Usually, they have something in mind because you’re a researcher in AI or something. I immediately thought of my comfort zones: earth science, tech stories of the Silicon Valley, photography… But my daughter said no dad, what’s most interesting about you is growing up on the streets and how that shaped you.

Oh God, not that. Too hard to give. But TED puts you through a million rehearsals and when I mentioned that possibility, they jumped on it over what I wanted to give. Damn. So my daughter helped write the story and my wife pushed me when I considered not giving the talk at all.

Anyway, for better or worse, here ’tis. Would love to know what you think.

Without any ado, here is the talk …

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