There are businesses and then there are businesses.  But there are some businesses that are downright unusual.

Take, for example, the business of death; your death.  Yes, you’ve left this earthly plane and are on your way… on.

You’ve been a motorcycle rider all your life and the people who you left behind want to make your sendoff “meaningful”.  So your family/friends go online and find a way to send you off in style.

And, depending on what they think is “style” they can send you off on your final ride.  A cottage industry of sorts has popped up all over the country carrying the deceased to their final resting place in a motorcycle-based hearse.

A quick google search revealed many companies that indeed offer this service.  One website, Black Diamond Motorcycle Hearse Service provides a listing of lots of motorcycle hearse services from around the country.

You can travel to your final resting place in a motorcycle towed trailer or in a sidecar rig like this.

Your final ride can be in a trailer towed by a motorcycle (often a trike) or you can make your way to the grave on a sidecar rig with a specially made platform on which you and your casket will lay.

Getting you to the cemetery isn’t cheap.  Your family and friends will likely have to pony up $500 or more for you to get there.  Oh, if the cemetery is more than the standard distance fixed by the moto hearse company, they’ll have to pay additional per mileage charges.

So what do you think about moto hearse services?  Would you like your family to send you off like this?  Or is this just too over the top?

Let us know in the comments below.


All photo credit:  Black Diamond Motorcycle Hearse Service

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