You love riding your motorcycle, you ride it most days to work, or to meet friends, or on your days off to some cool local riding area…but then you found ADVrider and want to take a trip.

…but what do you need to bring?

Let’s presume you have all the best quality riding gear you could afford when you bought your bike, then you are covered there.

…but what about everything else, what do you REALLY need?

There are a few basics, a change or two of clothes, somewhere to sleep, a way to fix a puncture and the related tools for small repairs, some camping gear, and some cooking gear.

…but all that stuff costs a fortune, right?

Well, don’t spend a fortune until you know you’ll like it, I have lost count of the riders I have met over the years who had big ambitions about amazingly long rides, for months and months, to multiple countries, only to find after a week on the road they really don’t like being away from home.

So be logical, and cheap, to make sure you really like it before you could potentially invest thousands of dollars in the best luggage, a four season tent, titanium cookware, small pack-sized toolkits…be a tight ass!

Send a few emails, make a few phone calls, have a few conversations and state your case to friends…”I’m going to take my first long/ish motorcycle trip and not sure if it’s for me, do you have any gear I could borrow?” This is the free way to test out yourself and you might be surprised who you know that has a stash of gear you could use.

If you have no (motorcycle) friends! Then look on craigslist/ eBay/ Amazon/ Walmart/ steep&cheap/ REI garage sales/  yardsales etc…sort sites by cheapest first, bargain with sellers, DO NOT spend more than $100 or even $50 for a tent sleeping bag, pad, cooking stuff before you know you like it.

If you are going with other motorcycle friends talk to them when you stop about their favorite gear and why it’s their favorite, or would they swap it for something better/ cheaper/ different design/ different materials/ bigger/ smaller/ different brands/ where they buy their gear etc.

Motorcycle travel is a great way to see the country and the world, but get your gear set up correct from the start, the less money you waste on trying stuff the more you have to travel.


More on motorcycle travel on my website 


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