If you’re new to adventure motorcycling, everything is overwhelming. Hopefully, everything is also overwhelmingly awesome, but even then, you’ll need a little help when it comes to planning your very first long adventure ride. It’s not because you’re incapable of packing on your own, doing long days in the saddle, or picking out your destination. It’s because, as a new rider, you’ll probably be overthinking and overplanning a lot.

Here’s how to avoid it.

Head South

Wherever you are in the world, heading south is always the best and easiest solution for everything. Wrong season? Head South. Too cold? Head South. Unsure where to go? South. If you live in the Southern Hemisphere, obviously, it’s the other way round, but you get the gist: go to where it’s warm. You’ll have plenty of problems and issues to deal with as it is, and you just don’t need weather to be one of them. Besides, South is usually much friendlier, too. In other words, the closer you are to the equator, the nicer, easier, and more chilled out life gets.

Google Things, But Don’t Trust Everything People Say

It’s natural to want to know what awaits at this or that border crossing, how hard is it to get a visa for Angola, and should you pack cable ties (yes, you should). However, do take other people’s opinions and advice with a grain of salt. I can’t count the times when people told me the off-road trail I was planning to ride was “the hardest road in the world” but turned out to be just another graded dirt track, as an example. Do your research, but also think for yourself. The Bolivian Death Road isn’t that deadly. Honest.

Keep Things Simple

Now that you know where you’re going and that everything’s going to be OK, there’s one last thing to do, and that’s keeping things simple. All the new gadgety things and tech are cool, but necessary? Not so much. You don’t need a feather-light, foldable adamantium camping chair that also serves as a pocket knife, a shovel, and an espresso machine. Just buy a damn Walmart camping chair or sit on a tree trunk, you will be fine. The same goes for everything else from your motorcycle to your packing list and your detailed route plans. Relax a little, stop bothering your GPS, and let fate take you places.

It’ll be worth it.

What advice would you give to your old self who was setting out on a long-distance adventure ride for the first time ever?


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