Why aren’t people riding electric motorcycles? All things being equal, the big problem is limited battery range, but a Colorado-based Zaiser thinks it can solve the issue.

Zaiser Motors says its new Electrocycle is “The Electric Motorcycle With A Soul,” and more importantly, the electric motorcycle that will have a 300-mile range.

Outside of its massive 17.3 kWh battery and a regenerative braking system, exactly how Zaiser will accomplish this goal is not clear. That would be the most range of any battery bike on the market, or at least pretty close to it. The Electrocycle would also have a 120 mph top speed, and do 0-60 mph in 3.6 seconds. It would also come with a fast charging system, but again, details on that are slim.

The Zaiser website does carry some other interesting deets, though such as—the Electrocycle will have twin hub motors. Presumably, this means we’re dealing with an all-wheel-drive (two-wheel-drive) motorcycle, something the mainstream manufacturers have shied away from, for the most part. There are performance and stability advantages to this design, but they’re more noticeable off-road. Perhaps this can somehow be integrated into a stability control system?

Speaking of stability control and other safety electronics, Zaiser says it’s also building a comprehensive package of this tech, with proximity sensors, wearable interconnectivity and a roadside assistance system all built in. We’ve seen some of these features on production bikes, or in patents from major OEMs, but it’s still fairly cutting-edge.

Zaiser also says its new bike will be built with sustainability as a top priority. Does that mean recycled materials? Is the swingarm made from ethically-sourced bamboo? No doubt further press releases will share all these details. According to Zaiser’s crowdfunding page, “Each Electrocycle™ owner could reduce their carbon footprint by over 12,000 pounds of CO2 per year.”

One feature that riders everywhere should be very positive about: Zaiser is building the Electrocycle to be DIY-friendly. The right-to-repair battleground has become of much more importance in recent years, as manufacturers design vehicles with no user serviceability. Zaiser sais “Our modular system allows for maximum personalization and sustainability/replaceability of parts,” and that’s definitely not a common theme in the battery bike world.

For more details, check out Zaiser’s website and crowdfunding page. The machine is supposed to launch late this year or perhaps in 2022, but we have no indication of MSRP yet.

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