Zero Motorcycles is announcing that its complete line of electric motorcycles will continue to be eligible for a 10 percent federal tax credit in 2021.  The savings are available to electric plug-in vehicles.  Zero, along with other electric motorcycle manufacturers, had lobbied Congress to continue the credit.  They succeeded, and the tax credit was included in the “last minute” tax extenders bill. Ultimately the bill was approved by Congress and signed into law on December 27th, 2020.

Sam Paschel, Zero Motorcycle’s CEO, is happy with the results of the electric motorcycle manufacturer’s efforts:

“The electric motorcycle industry is rapidly responding to our country’s need for affordable and environmentally responsible transportation, and Zero Motorcycles is excited to combine our extreme passion for motorcycles with something that benefits everyone.  These tax credits represent an investment in a cleaner energy future, and also effectively create jobs in the ever-growing electric vehicle industry.”

Two major plug-in tax credits were extended as part of the final tax extenders legislation.  Both the 2-wheeled plug-in tax credit and the electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure credit for charging were due to expire at the end of 2020.

The new legislation extends the EV infrastructure tax credit from the beginning of 2021 until January 1, 2022.  For the two-wheel plug-in credit, 10 percent of the purchase price (up to $2,500) applies only to electric vehicles that can go over 45 mph.

All of Zero’s 2020 and 2021 models (Zero SR/F, Zero SR/S, Zero S, Zero SR, Zero DS, Zero DSR, Zero Black Forest DSR, Zero FX, and Zero FXS) qualify for the tax credit.

Zero says that potential buyers should contact an authorized Zero Dealer to obtain additional information about the tax credit.

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