If a Zero electric Motorcycle has been on your radar, you may now want to take a closer look.  That’s because Zero Motorcycles has announced the “brief” return of its most successful incentive program, “Cash for Carbon.”

The Cash for Carbon program will give you an extra $1,500 in trade-in value for any titled gas-powered motorcycle toward the purchase of any 2020 Zero SR/F or SR/S.  The $1,500 dollars is over and above the appraised trade-in value assessed by an authorized Zero Motorcycle dealer.


In addition, Uncle Sam can help you pay for your Zero as well.  Zero Motorcycle purchasers in the US are still eligible for the 10% Federal Tax Credit that is available on all Zero electric motorcycles.  There are also some state and local tax incentives that can drive the final purchase price even lower.

Zero’s SR/F is one of two bikes that are eligible for the “Cash for Carbon” incentive program.

Zero Motorcycles Vice President of Sales, Americas, Mike Cunningham had this to say:

“Our dealership network has some of the best operators in the world and they’re fielding more inquiries about electric motorcycles than ever before.  This trend has been intensifying and the Cash for Carbon program will empower riders to get the experience they’ve dreamed about that’s only available on a Zero electric motorcycle,” Cunningham added.

Premium Zero motorcycles

The Zero SR/F and SR/S are the company’s two most powerful machines.  Both utilize Zero’s proprietary powertrain to produce 110hp and 140 ft-lb of torque.  We tested and reviewed an SR/F in July last year and found the bike to provide stealthy, smooth, instantaneous power, with great road manners.

Zero SR/S carbon

The Zero SR/S is the second of two electric motorcycles eligible for the “Cash for Carbon” program.

Zero says that each model can charge through any wall socket or at 90% of the public EV charge network through fast Level 2 chargers.  The claimed range of an SR/F equipped with an available power tank is up to 201 city miles.  Zero’s SR/S can add 13% more mileage with its aerodynamic full fairing with a rider riding in a tucked position.

So if your interest has been piqued by Zero, it might be a good idea for you to check them out.  If you write the check, you could save more than a few bucks.


All photo credit: Zero Motorcycles

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