Electric motorcycle manufacturer Zero Motorcycles is filing for two new trademarks.  The requested trademarks are for the names Zero DSR/X and Zero FX/E.  Since the trademark filing is only made to capture the names, little else is known about the potential new models.

But it can be fun to try to guess what Zero might have up its sleeve.  So let’s do a little of our own speculation here.

Zero DSR

Zero’s current DSR is the company’s “high-performance” dual-sport model.  If offers the capability to be a weekday commuter and off-pavement rider.

But it seems Zero wants the DSR to be more.  They took a small step towards making the bike an “adventure bike” with the DSR Black Forest.  The model variant made its first appearance in Europe and only later became available in the USA.  It uses a series of accessories (panniers, top box, windshield, accessory bars, and handguards) to offer riders the capability to carry more gear and potentially traverse different kinds of terrain.

Zero Black Forest

Zero’s DSR Black Forest model.

What the Zero DSR/X designation represents is only known to Zero.  But if you wanted to guess, perhaps Zero will up the DSR’s off-road capability and will use the X moniker in place of “extreme”.  Or, maybe the X could stand for an extended range version.

Zero FX

As to its other trademark application, Zero’s FX platform is the company’s most off-road-oriented model.  It is also the firm’s smallest and lightest bike.   Speculating on what the “E” stands for is more difficult.   Obviously, the FX is an electric motorcycle so adding an “E” to designate its electric power wouldn’t seem to make sense.

But, since the FX is Zero’s most off-road biased motorcycle, could Zero be planning to up the bike’s off-road ante with the “E” standing for enduro?  That would make some sense since Zero hasn’t had a dedicated off-road bike since its MX model in 2013.

Zero FX

Zero has applied for a new trademark for its FX model.

All of the above is pure speculation, but it’s fun to guess what Zero might have in mind.  If the models ever come to fruition, what do you think Zero will do to its DSR and FX platforms?  Let us know in the comments below.


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