Zero Motorcycles has unveiled its 2020 lineup of electric motorcycles including its adventure-oriented bike, the Black Forest DSR.  Previously, the Black Forest DSR was only available in the European Union but for 2020 has become a global model and is available in the US.

The Black Forest DSR is derived from Zero’s DSR 14.4 kWh and comes equipped with three lockable cases, accessory bars, hand guards and a protective headlight cover.  The DSR Black Forest Edition retails for $18,995.  In addition, there are many different accessories and upgrades available to tailor the machine to your needs.

Zero DSR Black Forest

The Zero DSR in action.

Zero has also announced that the Zero DS is now available with the 7.2 kWh battery for $10,995.  The DS will also be equipped with more adventure-oriented items and will be available with new colors and graphics.  Zero says that the DS is a good option for riders looking to begin dual sport riding on electric motorcycles.

Zero’s most off-road oriented bike, the Zero FX, continues in 2020 with a new color and graphics.  It retails for $8,995,

In 2020, Zero’s SR receives a value boost with a retail price of $15,495.  It is compatible with both Zero’s Charge Tank or Power Tank.  When equipped with the Power Tank, the SR becomes Zero’s longest-range model in its 2020 lineup.

First-time riders looking to go with an electrically powered motorcycle, the S comes with a 7.2 kWh battery for $10,995.  Zero’s FXS remains available with a new color and is available starting at $8,995.

All photo credit: Zero Motorcycles


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